Campaign board

The Edinburgh Napier University Campaign Board provides high-level advice on the University fundraising campaign’s strategy and implementation.
  • Sir Andrew Cubie CBE (Chair), Consultant, Fyfe Ireland WS; Honorary Doctor of the University ‘09
  • Mr Jamie Brogan, Head of Business Engagement, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Dr Ann Budge, Owner, CEO and Chairwoman, Heart of Midlothian FC; Honorary Doctor of Technology ‘08
  • Ms Lynne Cadenhead, Founder 1745 Trading Company; BSc Life Sciences ‘90
  • Ms Karen Cairney, Director of ERC
  • Mr Robert Carr, Chairman, Anderson Strathern LLP
  • Dr Alan Clements, Director of Content, STV; Honorary Doctor of the Arts ‘14
  • Dr John Howie, Chief Operating Officer, Cloud Security Alliance; BSc Computing & Data Processing, ’91; Honorary Doctor of Technology ‘12
  • Mr A. Scott Johnstone, CEO Scottish Life Sciences Association; BEng Technology & Industrial Studies ‘89
  • Professor Jessie Kennedy, Dean of Research & Innovation, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Dr Gary Kildare, Chief HR Officer for Europe, IBM; Honorary Doctor of the University ‘12
  • Mr Iain McIntosh, Dean, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Professor Andrea Nolan OBE, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Mr Bruce Rigby; Non-executive Director, Mercer Global Investments Europe; Lay Member of Court
  • Dr Allan Shiach, Film Producer and Impresario; Honorary Doctor of the Arts ‘07
  • Mr Bob Wright, Faculty Executive