£30,000 contribution funds new SimMan for students!

20 Jan £30,000 contribution funds new SimMan for students!

Robert Barr’s Charitable Trust contributes towards new clinical skills Manikin

We have received £30,000 from the Trustees of Robert Barr’s Charitable Trust to contribute to the purchase of a new clinical skills Manikin – SimMan 3G – for the School of Nursing Midwifery and Social Care.

SimMan 3GClinical simulation plays a vital role in Nursing and Midwifery education as it enables experiential learning in a safe environment, replicating the clinical setting in which the practitioner will work.

The funding was brought in by External Relations and Communications as part of the University wide Investment Campaign.

The University’s Clinical Skills Suite has been designed to develop a range of skills through the creation of simulated environments, such as wards, surgeries and pharmacies. Our approach to clinical skills education reflects research in national reports on patient safety which highlight the importance of simulation in multi-professional education.

The current model of SimMan used by the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care is ten years old and now out dated. The manikin has wiring which cannot be hidden and so fails to create an authentic patient experience. Some of the component parts no longer work as intended and so compromise the students’ experience and limit how the manikin can be used. The manikin is also operated from a laptop which is situated in the same room which means lecturers need to be present while the students are working. This further reduces the authenticity of the clinical setting and lessens the students’ ability to become independent practitioners.

The new generation of SimMan manikin, SimMan 3G, operates using a wireless system and can be easily controlled by a lecturer using the supplied tablet in the adjacent control room. This provides students with the opportunity to work independently in a more realistic simulated session. Sessions can also be filmed enabling detailed review and feedback. The new generation of SimMan is far more authentic in appearance and function with less of the look of a ‘latex doll’. It can be easily programmed to speak and respond to questions, making it altogether a more believable and rich learning experience for our students.

SimMan 3G comes with a long list of advanced features to ensure that students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of authentic scenarios and patient cases. You can read more about this range of features on the Laerdal website.

The use of this state of the art technology not only has an impact on the clinical competence of students, but it has also been demonstrated to increase their confidence on entering the clinical setting. Nurturing and developing employable and work ready graduates has long been a priority for us as a University.

The incorporation of SimMan 3G into our nursing education programmes will ensure that our nursing students and graduates are prepared for modern healthcare’s dynamic and demanding environments.

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