17 Apr Bright Red Publishing

Bright Red Publishing, an educational publishing company, wanted to expand their online publishing capacity.  Although the company had the expertise to create and tailor the very best possible content, they did not have the experience to develop the digital strategy required to fully capitalise on the work they had done.

Bright Red felt that Edinburgh Napier University – and Professor Bill Buchanan in particular – could give them expertise and support to get their digital project off the ground.

Originally, the team aimed to deliver a system to test students on their learning materials online. The project achieved this and delivered much more:

“Working with Interface has been a brilliant experience for Bright Red.  We have been able to access some amazing expertise and really step up our digital plans.  The creation of the Digital Zone has proved a game changer for our business and paves the way to a lot of exciting new developments.”

John MacPherson, Director – Bright Red Publishing

The project has proven to be so successful that Bright Red Publishing are now continuing to work with Edinburgh Napier University to further expand their digital presence.

The benefits

More than 17,000 Scottish students have registered for the service. No other provider in this market offers in-depth interactive tests for the Scottish curriculum.

The digital materials also provide adaptable support and guidance for both students and teachers dealing with brand new qualifications, during a period of great change and upheaval in the Scottish education system.

“Collaborating with Professor Buchanan on this project has been incredibly exciting.  To enhance our printed content through the Digital Zone in the way we have has had a great effect on our business.  It has also opened our eyes to many more ideas and opportunities than we might not have considered before.”

John MacPherson

The project has allowed Bright Red Publishing, a wholly independent Scottish company, to compete in their market on an equal footing with rivals based outside Scotland.

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